A lot of girls seem to get stripped in the street

As a young western woman who has recently visited a country in the middle east I felt I wanted to document the amount of girls who are being stripped in public, at the local market and even at a library, girls were getting stripped of their clothes everywhere.

When I arrived at the hotel they’re were mobs of men that just meander in the street looking at tits and ass that may be available to them, well that’s how it seems, just on the journey from the airport to the hotel I counted 50 plus women being stripped, a lot of the girls being stripped were western tourists, they’re tits and ass were flashing and out for the crowds to see, some of them had they’re boobs and ass groped. Anyway I’m swaying slightly from the point, it just seemed that everywhere you looked you had girls being stripped in public, and I suppose it was quite refreshing to see boobs and ass at every turn in a way.

This sort of girls getting mobbed and stripped in public was a prevailing theme throughout the holiday, I joined in on day 3; I was just setting foot outside the hotel to go to the beach, wearing a bikini but with a towel covering most of my body to protect my modesty. However unbeknown to me there was a gap in the towel behind me which showed an ass cheek peeking out, this was apparently a signal to the men folk who line the streets looking for some fresh tits to get to me stripped of my bikini and available for the crowds pleasure. It wasn’t long before my towel was tossed aside and my bikini bottoms pulled down to my ankles, basically I was passed around the crowd who all had a feel of my privates. When the day finished I couldn’t tell you what street I was in, the crowd was just everywhere, I think the street I got stripped in and had my tits put on show was around a mile away!

All in all I think I’ll go back next year and bring a friend from work, or maybe this sort of culture will spread to my neighbourhood, who knows. Other reports and stuff of girls being stripped in public here, also a well rounded opinion of what it’s like being stripped at airports here